Hackathon at Facebook

Hackathons are now regular events at Facebook. The company has successfully integrated the events to become a tradition which occurs every other month. Every now and then, the company’s employees explore new ideas, while competing in a relaxed atmosphere.You know what? Majority of the features on Facebook actually came during the previous editions of the hackathons. Facebook live and the developer platform are vivid examples.

One of the events conducted at the Facebook HQ in 2016 featured a host of novel prototypes.

The Oculus fire nice team comprises a set of mechanical engineers who built a radiant heating system into a game console. When an avatar is in a cold region, the console gets cold, and does the opposite in a warm location.

Another team improved on the current safety check features on Facebook. You could request your friend’s location via the messenger app, and the app automatically grants such request (if the option had been pre-checked). The add-on is a plus to check for survivors during natural disasters or man-made attacks.

Emerging markets may soon have another reason to smile. One of the teams developed an offline messaging platform where users could connect to Facebook lite via WiFi-Direct. This would enable peer-to-peer connection over regions with limited or expensive wireless access points.



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