My First Hackathon

It all converges here, all the blogging and marketing strategies for the past couple of months.

Being my first hackathon experience, I would say it was best of both worlds. One was the euphoria of a new experience, the other was the disappointment of changing your plans at the eleventh hour.

We had the briefing in the morning, and we set out to “hit the ground running”. And yes we did. What was the task you might ask. Well, we were asked to develop innovative solutions for Lake District National Parks based on Internet of Things (IoT); to attract the younger generation of tourists, using sustainable means of transportation.

Judges & Facilitators
Judges and Facilitators

We did set out as planned, and were halfway done by the end of the first day. Only for the facilitators to throw out our ideas. Well, as painful as it could be, we still had to come up with another solution. By the time we came up with one, it was just few hours left to the deadline. The idea wasn’t wishy-washy, but the time constraints didn’t help. Don’t say we were not used to pressure; trust me, I’ve been there many times over.

Overall though, it was a nice experience. All the participating teams proposed lofty ideas, which would add value and enhance user experience at the park, if adopted.

In the spirit of sportsmanship, congratulations to the winning team. You guys did well! We are waiting for our share of the Amazon voucher. *winks*

The Winning Team

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  1. rodmx says:

    Nice one Seyi!


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